2 Tips To Dramatically Increase Client Satisfaction And Referrals

Increase Client Satisfaction and Referrals with These 2 Tips

There is a general tendency among humans to second guess themselves after making a purchasing decision. You’ve heard it before…it’s called buyer’s remorse. The choice of a therapist is no different in regards to this phenomenon. After your client’s initial contact with you, or especially after they sign paperwork to become a client and schedule that first visit, there remains a second guessing about the choice they just made. This is more common if they didn’t locate you through a personal friend or other trusted source.

The way you address those feelings can help in maintaining a long term relationship, and with some clients, it can reduce cancellations and no shows. It is important to creating a relationship in which the client feels enough goodwill to want to refer other clients to you.

We generally refer other people to things we think increase our social value, and that occurs when we think we’ve made a right decision or experienced something that we now want to share with others. When we think a tool we bought is great, or that our doctor is superb, we are much more likely to refer them to others because we think they will have the same feelings we had. Here are two simple tips to trigger that feeling in your new clients.

1. Confirm their choice to be the right choice, especially through some social proof.

Chances are that your client will have to discuss or even justify signing up with you with someone else. It may be a spouse or friend. You need to arm them with something that justifies the choice. Get creative here since the most obvious choice in other fields will be a testimonial and you obviously can’t give them names of other clients. However, you can show them data about your practice, for example, letting them know that most clients who have followed your treatment plan have seen a positive outcome 95% of the time or that you’ve been given a recognition by your peers for outstanding work. In short, they need something that can be used as an anchor to justify their choice.

2. Give them something extra, especially something they can share with others.

This can be a list of outstanding apps they can download on their phone to aid treatment. It can be a series of links to great articles you’ve curated specifically for their situation. In short, give them something that they can go with, explore and be willing to share with other people.

The big takeaway here is that the journey of client acquisition and relationship doesn’t end simply because they signed the dotted line or gave you their credit card or insurance card. The journey enters a new phase in which you establish credibility and earn trust. It’s also the chance to lay a foundation for the client to be a lifelong champion of your work.