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3 Steps Guaranteed To Consistently Produce Traffic Generating Content

3 Steps to Produce Traffic Generating Content for Your Practice’s Blog

On the web, content is king. Search engines such as Google love it when your website is full of content. In turn, lots of content leads to more potential clients finding your site and more business for your practice. You need to make sure, however, that your content is relevant to your audience and delivers value to your clients.

Here is a simple approach to consistently create great content.

First, some house-keeping items. You’ll need to setup a website for your practice if you don’t have one. It’s 2013, so sorry, you can’t get away with not having one. Check out for a start. They have some easy to use templates to get you started in no time, and their customer support is great. For blogging, checkout It is very easy to setup a WordPress site with Bluehost with just a few clicks. Even if your main site is not yet up, setup a blog and start adding content.

Now that you have the platform in place, here are simple tactics for generating great content:

#1 Start a list of topics

Use a tool like Trello to start building a list of topics important to your client base. Don’t worry about the perfect title for the blog posts yet. Just focus on the topics you want to address. Any time a topic comes to mind, add it to your list. For example, if you deal with teenage suicide and depression, check out what others are writing about, what’s in the news, and other sources and let it help you generate topics you can write about.

#2 Commit to 100 words a day.

This step is easy if you want it to be but it takes discipline. Every day, pick one of the topics from your list and write 100 words on the topic. It doesn’t take much time to write 100 words, and on many days you’ll find yourself writing a lot more than 100 words. You can add your 100 words to existing content, or you can start a new topic. Keep it up daily. If you miss a day, get back on it the next day. If you have multiple people writing in your organization, share the topic board on Trello and let others add to the list. You can use or Google Docs to track what each person is writing and edit the content before it’s posted.

Don’t force anyone to write. Keep it to people who are interested in participating, or just yourself. It takes about 300 to 700 words to write a good blog post that will rank well on Google and also contain valuable content for the reader. Sometimes, it can be shorter or longer. If you consistently write 100 words a day, in 6 months you’ll have at least 40 traffic generating content entries on your site that will rank on Google. And the sharing doesn’t end with Google. You can also share your content with a wider audience through social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

#3 Share What You Write With Others

Not only do you want others to share what you write, you also need to share it through Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and other channels. Tools like Buffer make that very easy to do.

Add Some Sharing Tools to Your Blog

It is critical that you make it easy for others to find and share your content. The easiest way is to incorporate tools such as ShareThis or AddThis to your blog, so that with a single click, users can post your blog on other platforms or email it to others. There is no point writing without sharing, and it makes no sense to not leverage each user that comes to your site that finds your content useful. By giving your readers the ability to “re-share” your content, you are letting them do the work of sharing your content exponentially and attracting more readers to your website.

We recommend you make it easy for your readers to opt-in to an email list that notifies them when new content has been posted. Building a mailing list can be crucial to reaching out to potential clients.

That’s it. With those 3 steps, you will reap the benefits of great content and increased website traffic for a long time to come. Go here to see how to write search friendly contents that still captures readers’ attention.

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