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Avoid Coronavirus-Related Cancellations and No Shows with Telehealth

With concerns about Coronavirus and the flu going around, there are multiple reasons why clients may feel tempted to cancel their appointments with your practice. Clients who feel a little under the weather may prefer to stay home to avoid passing on germs to you and others. As more schools close or encourage sick kids to stay home as measures of virus prevention, clients may be unable to make it into your office because they are home caring for their families. Even if your clients and their families are perfectly healthy, some might want to stay home in order to avoid coming into contact with other sick individuals. 

Best practice is generally to have a late cancellation policy to protect your practice against the financial ramifications of missed appointments. However, in the case of sickness, late cancellation fees are often waived. When clients cancel and no-show their appointments, they miss out on valuable therapy work and you lose out on income. There is a solution that allows your clients to keep their therapy sessions with you while staying in the comfort of their homes: telehealth! 


Meet Your Clients Where They’re At

Telehealth is your greatest weapon to combat the cash flow impacts of sickness-related missed appointments. By allowing clients to conveniently meet with you without having to leave home, they are more likely to keep appointments despite the last-minute complications that can arise in the face of illness.

Telehealth is an online, video-based option that allows clients and therapists to meet without having to be in the same physical location. When dealing with fears of contracting illnesses like Coronavirus or the flu, being able to meet for a therapy session online from any location is extremely valuable. In fact, congressional leaders have agreed to a coronavirus response bill that will allow Medicare reimbursement for care providers using telehealth to treat patients at home.

Once you have enabled telehealth for your practice, you can offer telehealth sessions to your clients who might otherwise have needed to cancel. You can meet with your clients online through telehealth without the hassle of rescheduling. This is an ideal situation for both you and your clients, because you will avoid gaps in your schedule and your clients will benefit from your mental health services! 


TheraNest’s Telehealth Solution

Don’t let cancellations and missed appointments hurt your cash flow! You can start offering telehealth services in your practice today with TheraNest. TheraNest provides a top-notch telehealth video platform that is easy to use and HIPAA-compliant. With TheraNest, you can give your clients a high quality and convenient telehealth experience. 

TheraNest’s Telehealth service is fully integrated into a comprehensive EHR system with features including appointment scheduling, note templates, payment processing, insurance billing solutions, and much more! With TheraNest you will be equipped with all of the user-friendly tools you need to start offering telehealth in your practice during times of heightened health concerns. 

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