How to Make the Most of Your Psychiatric Practice Management Software

If you use practice management software for your psychiatric practice, you know how significantly it can transform your efficiency. But not everyone is aware of everything that practice management software is capable of. Making use of the full range of capabilities can result in major time savings and efficiency gains for your practice. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to leverage some of the more advanced features to help you make your business more profitable and your workflow easier.

First Learn Your Software’s Core Features

Of course, before you can go deeper into the more advanced features of your software, you must first familiarize yourself with its basic abilities. Doing so will save you time in the long run since you’ll be able to automatically handle tasks that would previously need to be done by hand. 

Once you’re comfortable using the software’s core features, you can then explore its full arsenal of services to streamline your practice and communicate with clients more efficiently. Most practice management software tools offer four primary categories of features you can take advantage of: client engagement, scheduling, billing, and e-prescribing. Let’s look at each.

Leverage the Client Portal to Actively Engage with Clients

Practice management software enhances the client experience by making it easier and faster for them to find, send, and receive information. Moving client engagement tasks into the client portal allows you to access records more easily and quickly, share information more securely, and make your clients more comfortable. 

New Client Intakes

Streamline your client intake process by creating or customizing intake forms that your clients can fill out and submit online. Their information will be automatically added to your database, ready for you to reference as needed.

Information Updates

Both new and existing clients can enter their own information directly into the EMR via the client portal. This eliminates the need for staff to spend time entering such data into the system and reduces the risk of error.

Messaging, Documents, and Forms

Communication with your clients should be as convenient and error-free as possible, and your practice management software has the capability to make it so. You and your clients can send and receive messages, files, and other information securely and efficiently, without having to make phone calls or process excessive paperwork. 

Boost Scheduling Efficiency

There will be no more need for sticky notes, paper calendars, or copying numbers by hand. Instead, your practice management software can automate and digitize the scheduling process, leaving you more time to focus on your clients. And as a result, your scheduling systems will be more organized, efficient, and easy to locate and cross-reference.


Your clients can schedule their own appointments at their convenience, again freeing up staff time and giving the clients a greater sense of control over their time. It is also easy to set up recurring appointments, rather than having to schedule them individually. 

Auto-Appointment Reminders via Phone, Text, or Email

Once appointments are set, the system can automatically send reminders by email, text, or even phone calls. This helps to keep everyone updated and to prevent missed or forgotten appointments.

Appointment View Filter

The filter function also allows you to sort appointments according to categories such as staff member or appointment type. In this way, you can easily spot openings and prevent any overlap. 

Multiple Invites

Group therapy and the multi-staff functions streamline the process of inviting more than one person to an appointment. Instead of contacting each person individually, you can create and send out multiple invites to an appointment at one time.

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Increase Billing Accuracy and Collect Client Payments Quickly

Practice management software is also useful for online payments and billing. Not only do these features make payment more convenient for clients, but they also improve accuracy security.

Up-To-Date CPT Codes and Modifiers

Don’t worry about staying on top of CPT codes and modifiers — your practice management software can take care of that for you.  

“Card on File” Program for More Efficient Payment Collection

Allowing your clients to save their card information in the client portal creates a more efficient payment system and prevents unpaid invoices. 

Batch Charging Credit Cards

You can streamline the billing process even more by charging and processing payment from multiple cards at once, without compromising security. 

Batch Submitting Insurance Claims

Just as you can charge multiple cards at once, you can also submit multiple insurance claims at the same time. By combining and condensing tasks into fewer steps, you save yourself and your clients time. 

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Errors with E-Prescribing

Another important function of practice management software is e-prescribing. Since your software keeps all records in one place, it’s easy to add, reference, and update information at any time. 

Controlled Substance Prescription Writing

Multi-factor authentication enables you to write prescriptions for controlled substances with ease. 


Your EMR allows you to check interactions, dosing, and contraindications to ensure safe and accurate prescriptions. Since all information is stored electronically in one centralized location, you can easily reference session notes, previous diagnoses and prescriptions, and other medical records.

Prescription Cost Estimates

Avoid catching your clients off-guard by estimating the out-of-pocket expense of their medication before the prescription is filled. This is just another way to provide your clients with as much care and comfort as possible. 

Put Software to Work for Your Practice

Effective psychiatric practice management creates a greater sense of satisfaction for your clients, as well as for you and your staff. The more you can make use of your practice management software’s advanced features, the more organized and efficient you’ll be, and the more convenience you can provide your clients.

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