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Mental Health Private Practice Sees Insurance Billing Improvement with TheraNest

Established in 2019, Front Porch Counseling is located in Ohio and specializes in a wide range of services from family therapy to substance abuse programs. Now servicing nearly 150 clients, they help individuals across all age groups slow down in today’s fast-past reality. Their mission is to model good, sound, non-judgmental communication and empower their clients to know themselves and increase their level of satisfaction with any circumstances they are facing in life.

TheraNest recently interviewed Front Porch Counseling’s co-owner and licensed counselor Bobby Owens, about their experience with the TheraNest EMR and Managed Billing services.

In 2019 when Front Porch Counseling first opened, they established a practice management and billing partnership with TheraNest and have been working together ever since. During their partnership with TheraNest, Front Porch Counseling has seen improvements to their administrative and billing cycle efficiency. 


What Lead Front Porch Counseling to Search for Help?

As a new practice, FPC had to make some decisions for how they would complete their administrative and billing processes. Critical components of any practice, the tools that providers use to tend to these responsibilities have a huge impact on their level of success.

Providers have plenty of options for what tools they choose to complete documentation, record keeping, and billing procedures. Some practices choose traditional paper filing processes while others choose to go digital.

When asked what led Front Porch Counseling to search for a digital solution, Owens answered, “We could have done paper, but it takes up more space and is not as effective.”

This is an extremely common reason that mental health providers turn to digital solutions. Electronic options offer more efficient time use as well as space utilization. Practices that opt for paper alternatives lack the automation that exists in the digital format. They also have to manually organize and file all of their documents in a safe and secure fashion, which involves a good amount of square footage.


Why Did Front Porch Counseling Choose TheraNest over the Competition?

Any practice looking for new technology has a confusing decision ahead of them. There are dozens of solutions on the market that can be difficult to narrow down. Front Porch Counseling started by identifying what was important to them.

Owens stated, “We had several companies we were choosing from, and the value is what we were looking for.” With value being the main priority of their search, Front Porch Counseling was able to start narrowing down their choices.



What Features and Services Stand Out the Most Since Partnering with TheraNest?

1)    Comprehensive Billing Services 

The next service highlighted in the interview with Owens involved TheraNest’s mental health insurance billing services. TheraNest offers Managed Billing services for mental health providers to help relieve the headaches associated with insurance billing. The goal is to help providers get paid faster and reclaim their time so that they can focus on their clients. 

Managed Billing at TheraNest includes claim validation, claim submission, claim rejection, denial follow-up, and payment posting and reconciliation. Front Porch Counseling was partnered with a dedicated mental health billing expert to handle their account personally.

When asked about his experience with Managed Billing, Owens stated, “It is important to get collections and Kyra is great to work with.” He also referred to the utilization of services as a “more efficient” method for mental health insurance billing compared to the alternatives.

2)     Efficiency

Owens had worked for a substance abuse company and “wanted them to get into an electronic system.” Front Porch Counseling recognized that paper processes are a less efficient option for their blooming organization due to the past experience with Owens and others.

Owens also had past experiences with other systems and services that were not as efficient. He stated, “We were newer, and we needed to be efficient with business.”

As mentioned earlier, Owens referred to both the utilization of TheraNests software and Managed Billing services as more efficient alternatives to paper process or in-house billing management.

3)     Responsiveness

TheraNest prides itself on its top-of-the-line customer service and responsiveness to its customers. Each organization that utilizes TheraNest’s Managed Billing services can count on a dedicated billing account expert who communicates with them about any questions or concerns they may have about their billing cycle.

A common frustration that providers have with billing service vendors is that they are difficult to get ahold of or that customer service representatives are difficult to get on the phone. This is not the case at TheraNest.

This is something that has stood out to Owens throughout the partnership with TheraNest. He stated, “I have been very pleased with the responsiveness” of the team.

4)     Practice Management Integrated with Managed Billing

There is enormous value in using a Managed Billing service that also offers a fully integrated EMR and practice management system that includes scheduling and notetaking. Mental health providers all face the administrative reality of scheduling and notetaking. Without great scheduling tools and notetaking features, it can be impossible to stay organized. When asked what features stood out to him the most in the TheraNest practice management system, Owens responded, “the biggest value is scheduling and notetaking.”

TheraNest offers unlimited note templates for providers to document more easily. With our tool, providers can efficiently create therapy notes including progress notes, initial assessments, treatment plans, discharge summaries, and more. Providers can also sign, approve and co-sign notes right in the software.



Would You Recommend TheraNest to Your Peers in the Industry?

After being in a partnership for over two years, TheraNest asked Owens whether or not he would recommend us to others who might be on their search for Managed Billing services or practice management solutions. Owens responded, “Yes, it has been a very positive experience.”

TheraNest recognizes that as mental health professionals, the goal is to create positive outcomes for clients while tending to administrative obligations. With our practice management software solutions and Managed Billing services, providers can grow their practice as well as meet the needs of their clients at cost-effective value. 


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