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4 Ways To Get Found Online Without Increasing Your Online Advertising Budget

4 Ways To Get Found Online Without Increasing Your Advertising Budget

Marketing your private practice can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be. In this free webinar, we’ll share 4 actionable tips to grow your business without spending a dollar.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • Importance of an email list and how to start/grow one
  • Why you need a social media presence and how to approach it
  • Don’t overlook directories especially review sites
  • Online forums and communities
  • Learn what SEO is and how to take advantage of it in your practice
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How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Practice

Grow Your Private Practice with LinkedIn

Looking for a new way to grow your private therapy practice?

Have you considered LinkedIn?

If you think LinkedIn is only for posting your resume, you’re missing out on a powerful way to build your referral network. With over 400 million users and counting, LinkedIn is a rich source of referrals, and should definitely be a part of your growth strategy. Let’s discuss how you can optimize your time spent on LinkedIn and build your private practice in the process:

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What to Do After Publishing Your Blog Posts

What You Should Do After Publishing a Blog Post

Do you blog? Great! Let’s discuss what you should do after publishing each and every blog post.

That’s right— your work isn’t done yet, not if you really want to get maximum exposure for your content. These days, it’s increasingly difficult to make it in front of people’s eyeballs if you just publish a blog post and leave it at that. So, below, we’re going over the eight things you should do after hitting “publish” on your blog post.

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Therapist Burnout: Recognize the Signs and Avoid It

Avoid Therapist Burnout by Recognizing the Signs

Are you burned out?

As a therapist, you’ve devoted your life to the service of others. You are committed to helping others have a healthy and successful life, but what about yourself?

As they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Sometimes, you give so much of yourself that there’s nothing left to give.

If you’re running on empty (or getting close), here are a few tips to help you fill back up:

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How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Private Therapy Practice

Grow Your Private Therapy Practice with Facebook

There’s little doubt that having a presence on Facebook will grant you more exposure and help you build a greater sense of community with your followers.

However, it can be tricky to navigate Facebook as a private therapy practice. Not only do you have to be extra mindful of privacy concerns, you also need to be strategic on how you use Facebook to grow your business.

Ultimately, your goal is to build a reputation as a trustworthy therapist who brings value and clarity to your clients and the community at large. The good news is that Facebook can help you in those pursuits.

You don’t need to have an online therapy practice to leverage the benefits of Facebook. Even if you work completely offline, curating and maintaining an online presence will help you garner more awareness for your practice. That’s because your current and prospective clients probably use the Internet in general and Facebook specifically.

Let’s talk about how to use Facebook to effectively generate more leads.

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Here’s Why You Need a Blog

Do You Need a Blog?

You probably think that blogging is for the other guys and you just don’t have the time to do it yourself. You may even think that you’re not that good at writing or you don’t have enough topics to write about.

In this post, we’re going to discuss why the benefits of blogging outweigh all of the excuses to not blog. Plus, blogging is a lot easier than you think, especially after you’ve read this post. Let’s get started.

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How to Handle No Shows and Cancellations

How to Handle No Shows and Cancellations

In a client-centric profession like therapy, no shows and cancellations can dramatically affect your bottom line. You probably only schedule a few appointments each day, so when one of those appointments cancels or doesn’t show up, it can be hard to recover financially. Each missed appointment can represent $100 or more in lost revenue. Multiply that by how many appointments you miss each month, and it could be in the thousands.

Let’s talk about how to minimize cancellations and no shows by implementing a policy and a set of procedures.

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avoid these mistakes in your practice

The Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Private Therapy Practice

Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Your Private Therapy Practice

The success of your private therapy practice rests solely on you. You alone have to build your practice from the ground up, market your service, find clients, bill clients, work with insurance companies, pay your bills, pay your taxes, turn over a profit, hire and fire new staff, and live the American dream of business ownership.

No pressure.

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5 Ways to Go Paperless in Your Private Therapy Practice

Go Paperless in Your Therapy Practice

Dreaded paperwork. It’s one of the guaranteed hassles of private practice. Looming behind the reception desk of many private practices is a humongous wall of paperwork that could rival the Great Wall of China. Whether it’s health records, miscellaneous client files, insurance bills, payment receipts, procedurals, marketing flyers, or all of the above, you’re starting to feel boxed in and intimidated by all of your paperwork.

How can one practice produce so much paperwork?

If you’re starting to develop papyrophobia or the fear of paper, you’ve come to the right place.

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A Complete List For Getting More Private Pay Therapy Clients

Earn More Revenue For Your Practice With Private Pay Clients

Are you interested in getting more private pay clients for your therapy practice?

Glad you’re here. That’s exactly what we’re discussing in this post.

One of the best ways to grow your private therapy practice and create a lifestyle that you love is through accepting private pay clients. We’ve discussed the virtues of the private pay model before and, if you need a primer, be sure to check out this post:

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