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9 Ways to Build Trust with Your Therapy Clients

9 Easy Ways to Build Trust with Your Clients

As a therapist, it’s practically part of your job description to build trust with your client. How else will they open up to you if they don’t trust you? The good news is, you can develop trust with your client from their very first encounter with your practice, even before. Below, let’s discuss the top nine strategies for inspiring confidence in your private therapy practice.
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Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Private Therapy Practice?

Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant

Things are starting to pick up speed. It was slow going at first. It took you a while to build your private therapy practice, but now you can finally see the fruit of your labor. You’re booking clients, bringing in more revenue, and making your mother proud. The only problem is you can’t keep up with the rate of your growth. There are more calls coming in than one person can handle. You can’t do callbacks while doing sessions while doing bookkeeping. Success is a happy problem to have, but you should address its associated problems sooner rather than later. If the above sounds like you, or if you just feel like you’re always behind in the day-to-day functions of your private practice, this is the post for you. Below, we’re going to discuss why a virtual assistant may be the solution to your business dilemma.
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Financing Your Private Therapy Practice: 8 Options When You Need Money Now

Tips to Finance Your Private Therapy Practice

It’s one of those questions that keep you up at night: How do I finance my private therapy practice? Whether you’ve been in business for years, or you’re just starting out and excited about hanging your shingle, finances will always be among your top concerns. Let’s take a look at how you can raise funds to start a practice or to keep your practice afloat in lean times.
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Should You Niche Your Private Therapy Practice?

Should You Select a Niche for Your Private Therapy Practice?

You started your private therapy practice to serve everyone, but by doing so, you could be spreading yourself way too thin. You’ll spend your time offering services that you’re really not passionate about. Instead of working as a generalist, you can become a specialist and establish authority as an expert in your field. Below, we’ll discuss why it’s a good reason to niche your private therapy practice, and how to do it successfully.
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Should Your Private Therapy Practice Be on Social Media?

Should Your Private Practice be on Social Media?

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you already have a profile on at least one social media platform, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. YouTube also counts. Sure, you use social media to keep tabs on your friends and family and share cute cat videos, but is it a good idea for your private practice? Can you really leverage social media to grow your private practice? The answer is a resounding yes.
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9 Tips for Finding & Hiring the Best Private Practice Employees

How to Hire the Best Private Practice Employees

The right people can make or break your private therapy practice. It’s customer service, not price, that determines whether or not you’ll get repeat business. You may offer the best prices and have a killer marketing campaign that brings in scores of new clients, but without friendly, competent, and invested people on your staff, you’ll always be at square one… maybe even worse. The good news is the right people are right around the corner. Let’s discuss how to find qualified, dedicated people who will benefit your private therapy practice.
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Financial Health: How to Know if Your Private Practice is in Need of a Checkup

Does Your Practice Need a Checkup

What’s the financial health of your private practice? Are you making money or losing it? What expenses can you cut? Is there any wiggle room in your budget to make new purchases? If you’re not immediately ready with the answer to the above questions, you’ve come to the right post. Right up there with offering incredible service and building loyalty with clients is knowing how much money you’re making or losing at any given time. It’s not enough to know what your private practice made last year. You must know what it made last month, too. Armed with updated information about your finances, you can make changes that will positively affect your operating expense ratio. Performing a financial checkup on your private practice may not be the most exciting thing you’ll do this week, but it will be one of the most essential. Right now, you probably dread the idea of taking a magnifying glass to your finances because you’re not sure where to start. Today, let’s change that. We’ll start at the beginning, detailing what you need to do immediately to ensure solvency. Excited? Let’s do this!
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How to Market Therapy Services to Your Local Community

How to Market Your Therapy Services to Your Community

Marketing to your local community takes a multi-pronged approach. Recently, we discussed cheap and effective ways to market your private practice online. In this post, we’ll tackle offline strategies to reach your clients, too.
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How to Market New Services to Existing Clients

Market Your New Services to Existing Clients

You’ve created a new service for your private practice and, like everyone else, you’re obsessed with getting new clients. It’s an endless effort to bring in fresh faces and convince them to try your services. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you don’t, but you never stop trying. What if I were to tell you that there’s an entire group of people you’re missing with your marketing? These are people who have proven that they will buy from you, but they aren’t given the time of day with your current marketing plan. That’s right– I’m talking about your existing clients. Your existing clients are more valuable than the prospective ones. Existing clients already trust you and will buy from you if you let them.
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How to Educate Prospective Clients on the Need for Mental Health Services

Educate Prospective Clients on the Need for Mental Health Services

You entered the mental health field to help folks who need your services, but sometimes you encounter a block. Whether you’re combating a social stigma attached to receiving mental help or helping someone justify the cost of self-pay therapy, you have your work cut out for you. In order to build your client base, breaking down these walls means avoiding a few common private practice mistakes.
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