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How To Reduce No-Shows in Your Private Therapy Practice
Reduce No Shows - TheraNest

How To Reduce No-Shows in Your Private Therapy Practice

Once you have established yourself as a private therapy provider in your own practice, and you have a pretty steady influx of patients, there is still one major thing that you will find often annoys you. That would be the no-show. Unfortunately, every therapist in every type of therapy practice has to deal with a no-show, and some even on a daily basis. Not only can it put your whole day behind schedule, but it can also cause irritation for your other patients, as well as a loss of revenue for you. There are some things you can do to cut down the number of no-shows in your therapy practice.

The Personal Touch

Usually, the first contact a patient will have with your practice is the secretary or office staff that you may have behind the front desk. This is the first face they see when they enter your office, and the last person they see when leaving. If you feel your practice could handle it, you could have someone on your office staff take an hour or so out of each day to call the patients scheduled for the next day to verify their appointments. There are appointment reminder solutions for a solo-practitioner too. When your patients leave after their visit with you, usually the next thing they do is schedule another appointment. More often than not the next appointment is usually a month or more out. It is no wonder that people would forget this and end up as a dreaded no-show. In my experience, I haven’t held on to an appointment reminder card longer than a week before it gets lost or trashed. By having one of your office personnel calling your patients the day before, it can remind them of something they may have forgotten. You can make this easier for your office staff by setting up appointment reminder software. It usually has your patient information listed that can be pulled by date giving your staff the information they need. With that information, they would be well prepared to call your patients the day before and even the week before an appointment to assure they didn’t miss it.

High Tech Options

There are other options for reminding your patients of their appointments that lean towards the more high tech end. Instead of having someone from your office call to remind your patients of their appointments, you can use a software like TheraNest and do a one-time setup of text reminder and/or a voice reminder that would contact each of your patients with minimal effort by you. You can simply uncheck patients that do not consent to this method of contact. You’ll usually have an option to set the amount of time before an appointment to send the text reminder. The voice reminder is usually a pre-recorded call with the patient’s name and appointment date and time that plays once a phone has been picked up. By using any of these options, you can increase your revenue by ensuring that as many patients as possible end up in your office when they are supposed to. By giving your patients different methods of contact, they will feel as though their presence is important to you, and not just for their money.

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