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Don't Make These Mistakes When Starting Your Private Practice - TheraNest Blog

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Starting Your Private Practice in Counseling

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Private Practice

Finally, you’re in business for yourself. Congratulations! Starting a private practice can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. There’s something so satisfying about being your own boss and providing a much-needed service for your community. You have the freedom to work with whomever you choose, whenever you choose. But before you can start celebrating, there are a few things you must consider when opening your private practice. Let’s look at the most common mistakes that private practitioners make, especially within the first year of starting up. We’ll also share some tips on how to avoid making these mistakes in the future.
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How to Retain More of Your Therapy Clients for Longer

Keep Your Clients Coming Back

Are your clients leaving? It’s inevitable, but that fact doesn’t make it any easier. The problem isn’t that your clients are leaving at the end of a treatment plan, but that they’re leaving prematurely and often without notice. When a client leaves abruptly, it’s not only unsettling, it’s one of the most difficult situations you’ll face as a private practitioner. You’ll wring your hands and wonder what you did wrong. You’ll retrace your steps and analyze your last session to look for clues you may have missed. It’s torturous, to say the least. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to prevent your therapy clients from leaving. A study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that in the U.S., the drop out rate is between 40% to 60%. What’s even more troubling is that the overwhelming majority of those who drop out do so after just two sessions. However, there may be something you can do to improve your client retention rates. Let’s dive into the most common reasons why your clients may leave prematurely, and what you can do to prevent it from happening.
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The Part-Time Therapist's Guide to Private Practice - TheraNest Blog

The Part Time Therapist’s Guide to Private Practice

Building a Private Practice as a Part-Time Counselor or Therapist

Many therapists have the goal of opening up a private practice and working for themselves exclusively. It’s quite a sense of accomplishment, and a dream realized when you finally hang your shingle for the first time. However, that dream quickly turns into a nightmare when you realize that things aren’t going quite as you planned. Building up a list of regular clients can take a long time. There may be a huge influx of new clients one month and a head-scratching amount of cancellations the next. But the bills still come every month and demand to be paid. It may prove financially impossible to bootstrap your own private practice without working full time to supplement your income. But here’s the good news: You can start your therapy practice part-time. By working as a part-time therapist, you will likely avoid many of the financial problems that full-time private practitioners face. In this guide, we’ll discuss the most important things to know before becoming a part-time therapist. But first, let’s look at the major benefits you’ll gain by working as a part-time therapist.
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2017 in Review: TheraNest’s Top Ten Blog Posts of the Year

A Year in Review: Top Blog Posts of 2017

As the end of the year quickly approaches, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on what’s been happening on the TheraNest blog over the past year. 2017 has been a very exciting and busy year for us, we’ve published over 30 articles ranging in subject from SEO for your therapy website to figuring out how to take a vacation with your busy schedule. Not only that, but we’ve also launched a guest posting series that we’re excited to keep building on in 2018.
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PPC Marketing for Therapists - TheraNest Blog

PPC Marketing for Therapists

How to Use Paid Marketing to Grow Your Practice

Let’s talk about setting up a paid marketing campaign for your private practice. Have you considered online marketing but hesitated because it’s so confusing? Once you enter into the world of online marketing, you’re immediately bombarded by so many questions like:
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How to Give Your Work/Life Balance a Tune-Up

This post has been authored by Stacy G. Smith, MS, LPC as part of our guest post series. Learn more about Stacy at the bottom of this post. 

Finding Your Work/ Life Balance as a Private Practice Owner

Getting started in private practice was one of the most exciting moments of my career– it was also one of the biggest learning experiences of my life.  Coming from an agency setting, I never really thought about a work/life balance.  I was working Monday through Friday, had nights and weekends off, and in hindsight, had no job responsibilities outside of working hours.  Whenever the topic of work/life balance came up, I always brushed it off thinking, “it’s really not that hard.”
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SEO Image - TheraNest Blog

SEO and You: How to Use SEO for Your Private Practice

How to Use SEO for Your Private Practice

You have an inkling that you need to improve your website’s SEO, but you don’t know where to start. You’re not even sure what SEO means. A quick Google search of SEO turns up millions of results, and it’s overwhelming. After all, you’re a therapist, not an Internet marketer. You just want a quick guide to implementing SEO for your private practice in easy-to-understand terminology. You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll discuss exactly what you need to know about SEO to dominate the search engine results and generate more leads for your private practice. Let’s get started.
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How to Effectively Raise Your Rates

Tips on how to raise your rates

After much internal struggle, you’ve decided that it’s time to raise your rates. You’ve wanted to do it for some time now, but didn’t push ahead for fear of the backlash. What will your clients say? Will they all abandon your practice for the cheaper therapist across town? Are you being greedy and asking too much? How will you justify the higher rates—especially to your long-time clients? Finally figuring out your fee schedule was hard, but raising those fees is even harder. No doubt, you have questions about raising your rates. Fortunately, the path that you’re on is well traveled and there are signposts to help you along the way. Let’s walk through how to raise your rates without inadvertently alienating your clients.
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Everything You Wanted to Know About HIPAA (But Were Afraid to Ask)

What You Need to Know About HIPAA

Are you confused about HIPAA and how it affects your private practice? You’re not alone. HIPAA can be hard to navigate when you’re working for yourself and by yourself in private practice. If you have a ton of questions about HIPAA, this article is a great place to start. Below, we’ll tackle the most commonly asked (and confusing) questions about HIPAA.
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10 Questions You Have About Accepting Insurance (But Are Too Afraid to Ask)

Should you accept Insurance?

Do you have questions about insurance? You know, the type of questions that you don’t really want to ask your fellow therapists for fear of ridicule? As you’ve probably heard before, there are no stupid questions—especially when it comes to insurance. The world of insurance is very cavernous and murky, and sometimes it’s hard to navigate through it all. But we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll tackle those burning questions that you probably have about insurance but didn’t want to ask. Don’t worry—every therapist who’s ever considered accepting insurance has asked these same questions. Let’s get started with the answers.
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