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What To Look For In Therapy Practice Software

Therapy Practice Software For Spending More Time With Patients

What do you look for in a software as a therapist? My guess is that you will look for a software that makes life and business easier. Something that makes it easy to focus on the task of actually practicing your craft, not something that will become it’s own full time job. This is 2013, you shouldn’t be worrying about backups and spending hours figuring out how a software works.

You would also hope that help when needed is a button click away. Waiting for days to hear back from customer support is not acceptable when you’re trying to run a business.

A great software for a therapist should do things like remind you that you have missing notes from an appointment, and make it easy to fill out those notes.

We know you love focusing on your clients, but you also need to have the funds to keep your practice and organization running, so a good mental health practice software should let you have a quick snapshot of who owes you and how much.

It should also make it easy to help you collect payments for your services by offering a way to process credit cards (or at least let you track it, say when you use another credit card service).

We all know how devastating no shows and cancellations can be to your practice. There’s barely enough time in the day to work and spend time with those you care about. A good software should save you the hassle of having to constantly call clients to remind them of appointments. Hence, a nice appointment reminder will be a great addition. Multiple reminder channels work best, so the software should have a way to remind clients by voice, text, and email without costing an arm and a leg. And it should all work seamlessly with the client data you already have without needing you to spend precious time uploading customer information into another system.

Do you bill insurance? Then it should be a breeze in a good software. Do it with a couple of clicks so you can get back to the business of being a therapist, and not an expert in insurance claims submission.

Well, if you don’t bill insurance then a good software should make it easy for you to actually give your clients what they need – say a superbill – so they can do that at their convenience.

You only have limited resources and time for acquiring customers, so a good software should let you know which of your customer referral sources are sending you the right clients that fit your ideal client profile (shows up for appointments, pays on time, etc.). 

It helps you and it helps them get better outcomes. So a good software should include reports that make it easy to see this kind of data.

Do you have multiple therapists? Then a good therapy software for mental health should make it easy to see what kind of results are being achieved by each therapist. You shouldn’t have to spend hours every week figuring out how many clients each therapist saw or how much income they generated. A simple report should be able to show you that instantly.

Those are some of the benefits you will find in a great software for mental health – whether you are a psychologist in private practice, a psychotherapist, or a social worker. It should work well for a solo practice or your large organization. And it shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Above all, it should be obvious that the software provider is committed to maintaining the software for the long haul and continually improving it.

Your Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset, Don’t Waste It Trying To Figure Out Your Software

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