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How to Use The Web to Grow Your Therapy Practice

Grow Your Therapy Practice with the Web

We talked to our therapist and social worker customers who are leveraging the web in the right way and identified their number one approach to acquiring clients online. The approach they are successfully using has proven to be an effective way to build and grow your therapy practice, gain credibility, and produce on-going web traffic.

It’s simple but requires commitment. It may even require taking the time to learn some new skills or seeking the help of a professional who can put you on the right path. In the end, it has produced rewarding results for our clients who are committed to it.

So what’s the big secret? You’ll be surprised by its simplicity.

Here it is:

A well designed, easy to navigate website with generous amounts of useful and relevant content such as blogs, videos, and other information resource.

No other method we measured produced better results for less cost over the long term. Not even online directories or online ads (although they do play a role). While directories and ads will lead prospects to your website, our research showed that prospects were quick to abandon a website if they didn’t quickly find great utility in the information it provided.

Many websites solely provide prospect patients with a brief description of services and contact information. This is the wrong way to go. The practices that are doing it right are giving their prospects more. Give your prospects articles and resources on why you do what you do, how you do what you do, and what they can do to achieve better outcomes in their own lives whether they consult with you or not. For example, if the majority of your clientele struggles with self esteem, provide links to useful resources like self-esteem worksheets or activities.

Great content also leads to great offline opportunities such as getting contacted by local news media for your opinion on events and invitations to guest post on news sites and other professional blogs. Another important point you need to remember: Great content compounds over time. Once content is created, it keeps producing results over time. An article you posted one year ago can still attract new visitors. Therefore, the earlier you start the better. So how do you get started? We’ve compiled some popular tips and techniques we’ve seen other organizations use. We’ve also included some free and low-cost tools and platforms. Here is a guaranteed step-by-step approach to generating great content that results in clients. Regardless of how big or small your practice may be, this approach will work you. Also make sure to check out our webinar here to learn more about how you can increase your online presence without increasing your marketing budget!

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