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Dealing With Difficult Therapy Notes Charting Issues in Therapy Practice
Therapy Notes Charting Issues - TheraNest

Dealing With Difficult Therapy Notes Charting Issues in Therapy Practice

It’s been a nightmare for many – I’m sure I’m not the only one! Finding online software to handle billing, notes, and insurance had been something I simply wanted to avoid. Yet, I had to admit feeling that if I could just find the right package, a myriad of problems would be answered.
Chief among my issues was the years-long problem of keeping up with difficult charting issues in private practice. I lived in the shadow of fear that my notes would be subpoenaed for court or insurance issues and they would be so woefully disorganized that I would be unable to aid my client in their needs for support. Thankfully, this never happened. Still, this is the dark side of an otherwise successful private practice. I have solved the problem of continuity of notes, treatment planning and phone contacts with patients through the interface of the system. TheraNest happened across my desk through the referral of a friend. Having worked for agencies that employed very complex systems that required months to get up and running, I was skeptical about taking on such a system in private practice. What swayed me was TheraNest’s offer to let me try the software for free, without even giving them a credit card. I reluctantly entered my personal info and entered some information for a few difficult clients to see if the system would work. I first watched the provided videos about getting the system up and running. From these, I received assurances about the encryption and security of the system, knowing my information would be protected. I was amazed that after the first 40 minutes of watching, I already had a fair grasp on the system. By the end of my first turn with the program, I was inputting client information, my own personal information and several insurance companies’ information with ease. For the first time, I had encountered an interface that allowed me to smoothly enter data between treatment plans, notes, and between-session encounters in an easy-to-use manner, so I could move back and forth between these contacts without leafing through voluminous file notes. I realized I would be able to search old notes and treatment plans. The system also accepts DSM IV or V coding (though one has to be consistent per file) and provides a smooth interface for billing and insurance. TheraNest’s intuitive file system allows me to click where I normally would turn a page and find myself right where I belong. The treatment plan options interface fluidly with the case notes so I can see where I was the last session and easily pick up where I left off. The system is so versatile, allowing me to easily type in a few words to give a mental status, then just a sentence or two to describe the tone and process of the session. Through, I have the option to upload my excel files of clients to the application, saving time in entering data. With written notes, a little transcribing will be required, but that’s a bigger issue to deal with in the future. With a brighter looking future and fears dissipating, the TheraNest system is looking like a great option, indeed.

About the Author

Linda J. Wilk, M.A. is a retired family therapist and pastoral counselor who now writes professionally. She has been involved with transitioning a private agency from paper to electronic systems and has been a practicing therapist for 19 years.

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