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What to Do After Publishing Your Blog Posts

What You Should Do After Publishing a Blog Post

Do you blog? Great! Let’s discuss what you should do after publishing each and every blog post. That’s right— your work isn’t done yet, not if you really want to get maximum exposure for your content. These days, it’s increasingly difficult to make it in front of people’s eyeballs if you just publish a blog post and leave it at that. So, below, we’re going over the eight things you should do after hitting “publish” on your blog post.

Re-Read the Post

You’ve probably read through your post before publishing, but I recommend going through it one more time after publishing. Why? I can personally attest to the phenomenon known as “writer’s blindness”. Your brain automatically corrects or compensates for most errors in your writing when you’re self-editing. However, one of the best self-editing hacks is to read a post after publishing because it’s easier to catch errors in your writing when you feel like someone else is reading it. Alternatively, you can hire a professional editor to go over your blog posts before publishing. This way, you have a fresh pair of eyes connected to the brain of someone who understands the rules of grammar and can also correct typos, incomplete ideas, and more.

Answer Comments

Are you fortunate enough to get comments on your blog post? Don’t waste this precious opportunity. This is your chance to interact with your audience. Whether the visitor leaves a complimentary comment or a question, make sure that you respond in a timely fashion. Why is this important? It shows your audience that you are listening to their comments. It’s a powerful gesture that can inspire even more comments and build your audience exponentially.

Email Your Subscribers

Do you have an email list of subscribers? It doesn’t matter if your list contains five names, 50 names, or 5000 names (and counting), you should definitely let your email subscribers know when you’ve published a new post. You can’t rely on them to initiate a random visit to your website to check for new content. They won’t. It’s not that they don’t want to read your content, it’s that they’ll simply forget to visit your blog for updates. Plus, that’s one of the reasons why they signed up for your email list, to begin with. Don’t forget to email your current subscribers after publishing each and every blog post.

Share Your Post on Social Media

Social media is a perfect medium to publicize your most recent blog posts. But some platforms are definitely better than others when it comes to post promotion. Let’s take a look at how to share your recently published post on these top two social media platforms: Twitter – Without a doubt, you should tweet it out. I recommend scheduling your tweets using a tool like Buffer or HootSuite. That way you can send your promotional tweets on an automated schedule without you having to remember to do it. Also, send out personalized tweets to key influencers in your industry or those you may have mentioned in your blog post. Facebook – You’ll definitely want to share your latest blog post on Facebook, too, but I recommend doing things a little bit differently on this platform, which leads me to my next idea…

Pay to Promote a Post

Organic reach on Facebook hovers around 2%. If you create a post on Facebook (any post), your post is only likely to reach 2% of your community at any given time. Sure, it’ll be available on your Facebook page, but it won’t show up on your followers’ newsfeed. And, if you can’t rely on your community to periodically check your blog for updates, the same is true for your Facebook page as well. On the other hand, Facebook is an incredibly useful tool for disseminating your content to people who would be interested in reading it. So, how do you increase your reach on Facebook beyond 2%? You’ll need to pay for Facebook ads. There are a wide variety of ads you can you buy on Facebook, but I recommend the “Page Post Engagement” ads. Here, you can increase the reach of the Facebook post you wrote to promote your most recent blog post. While this option certainly costs more than other ideas on this list, it can be worth it if you gain a new client in the process. I recommend this option for promoting your top content, the ones that have the most traffic on your blog.

Comment on Other People’s Blogs

Become an active member of the blogging community. Explore other blogs within your industry. Read their work and support your fellow bloggers with insightful comments. Don’t just reply with a “thanks for the post— here’s a link to a post I wrote”. Make a thoughtful comment that inspires other readers to find out more about you. For maximum exposure, comment early so that your comment shows up at the top (most comment sections are set up to show from first to last).

Update Relevant Posts

Your latest blog post probably doesn’t exist on an island. What I mean is that it’s probably connected to other posts on your blog in some way. Make those connections evident for your readers. Go back through and updated related blog posts with links to your most recently published blog post, if it makes sense to do so. Don’t just insert a link back to your recent blog in every post unless it naturally fits with the content of that post. This way, a first time visitor who lands on one blog post can discover your latest (related) blog post simply by clicking on the embedded link.

Share Your Latest Blog Post on Your Email Signature

You send out emails all the time. Take advantage of that exposure and promote your recent blog post. Instead of just linking to your main website in your email signature, link to your recent blog post.

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