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Why and How to Set Up a YouTube Channel for Your Private Practice
Why and How to Set Up a YouTube Channel for Your Private Practice

Video Marketing for Your Private Practice

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to get new therapy clients. When it comes to video marketing, there’s no tool better than YouTube. YouTube has made millions of dollars for many of its users. However, even if your goal isn’t to make money from your videos, YouTube can still act as a reliable referral source. You can use YouTube to pull in many more prospective clients than you could possibly reach through SEO or traditional marketing campaigns, such as print, television, and radio, alone. If you’d like to learn how to use YouTube to grow your private practice, keep reading. We’ll share tips on why and how to invest in organic YouTube marketing.
Please note that, while it’s also possible for you to buy ads on YouTube videos, we’ll only focus on organic marketing strategies in this post. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

The Benefits of YouTube for Private Practice

Why should you include YouTube in the marketing strategy for your private practice? Here are six of the most important benefits:

YouTube Works Hand in Hand With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

YouTube is owned by Google. As a result, Google gives preference to YouTube in the search results. This is why you’ll often find YouTube videos when searching on Google. If you’re looking to improve your search engine rankings, creating YouTube videos can certainly help with that.

YouTube is a Popular Search Engine

YouTube isn’t just a video library, it’s also a search engine. In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet (Google is the first). YouTube has over one billion monthly users worldwide.  

Video Instantly Grabs Attention

When it comes to engaging your audience, there’s nothing quite as captivating as video. Video is more effective at getting you noticed because the brain is able to process visual information around 60,000 faster than text.

YouTube is a Cheap Marketing Solution

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to market your practice on YouTube. If you want to go the organic route, all you need is a camera, a YouTube account, and an Internet connection. Your smartphone serves as an excellent camera, in a pinch.

YouTube Provides a Multi-Sensory Experience

When you produce YouTube videos, you offer a rich and immersive experience. Your audience isn’t just reading words on a page, they’re also seeing your face, hearing your voice, and detecting the nuances of your body language. This experience can translate to a stronger connection with your audience.

YouTube Videos Can “Go Viral”

Although you should never expect for any of your videos to “go viral,” there always exists a possibility that one of your videos will reach a much larger audience than you anticipated. Also, remember that “going viral” doesn’t necessarily mean that your video must reach 10 million people. It could mean that the majority of people who watch your video also share your video. You can encourage this action by asking viewers to share your video with others who may benefit from it.

How to Use YouTube for Your Private Practice

Now that we’ve tackled some of the wonderful benefits of YouTube, let’s tackle this all-important question: How can you use YouTube to improve your marketing strategy? There are three main areas you can concentrate on: attracting new clients, educating existing clients, and positioning yourself as an expert in your niche.

Attract New Clients

Use YouTube to generate more leads for your practice. Introduce and explain mental health issues. Create an educational series to tackles one subject at a time. Also, if you practice lends itself to testimonials, try posting video testimonials.

Educate Existing Clients

Create in-depth discussions about different mental health topics. Create weekly video tips on how your clients can improve their circumstances. Offer help to family members who are supporting their loved ones emotionally. Conduct live Q&A sessions.

Create Another Stream of Income

Use YouTube as a platform for presenting yourself as a thought leader. Interview others within your niche. Take viewers along with you as you speak at different conferences or events. Promote your latest book.

YouTube Marketing Best Practices

Now, let’s discuss the best practices for using YouTube.

Start With What You Have

If you’re new to video marketing, don’t run out and buy expensive equipment before you begin. Your smartphone has a camera to rival just about any other A/V solution out there. As you get more experience with YouTube and video production in general, you can invest more time and money into professional equipment and software.  

Focus on Good Audio

Believe it or not, video quality is negotiable. However, YouTube viewers will not abide with poor audio. Focus on your sound quality. Is your speaking volume loud enough? Is the background music distracting or too loud?

Always End With a Call to Action

Have a specific goal for each video, such as generate leads, educate current clients, or position yourself as a thought leader/ expert in your niche. Then, lead the viewer to complete a desired action by ending your video with the next step or a call to action (i.e. call now for a free consultation, book your next appointment, download my free ebook).

Create Thumbnails for Each of Your Videos

You can rely on YouTube to make your thumbnails, or you can upload your own. To jump out to the YouTube users, customize your thumbnail with a high-quality image that’s at least 1280 x 720 pixels (YouTube will shrink the size.) You can customize your YouTube thumbnail with Canva or a similar digital design tool.

Don’t Script Yourself

If you’re speaking in front of the camera, don’t use a script. Reading off of a script can cause you to sound monotone and uninteresting. Instead, work from a detailed outline. This allows you to speak extemporaneously (which sounds more genuine and less stilted).

Create a Trailer for Your YouTube Channel

A trailer is a video that introduces you and your practice to your audience. In addition to introductions, also share the types of content you create for your YouTube channel (i.e., ask me anything, expert interviews, etc.). A trailer should be two minutes or less in length.

Link Each Video to an Appropriate Landing Page on Your Website

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is linking every video to the homepage of your website. Because each video will have a different call to action, you should link each video to a different area of your site, such as your “services” page or your blog.

Keep Your Video Short and Sweet

YouTube videos should be short. Your YouTube video should be well under 10 minutes (the ideal time is two minutes in length). Hook the viewer within the first 10 seconds of your video because YouTube viewers are finicky and will click away if you don’t get to the point soon enough.

Make Them Shareable

Encourage your viewer to share your video with others. This is how you can inspire virality.

Include Transcripts Whenever Possible

Video transcripts present another way for you to rank on search engines. Search engines can’t watch your video, but they can read your video transcripts and use it to understand what your video is about. This helps the search engine know when to show your video in search results.

Actively Recruit Subscribers

For much the same reason as you would want subscribers for your email list, encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel (and sign up for notifications). This allows you to build a YouTube community.

Post Regularly

Don’t post 15 videos in one day and then go radio silent for the next 6 months. Not only does that discourage community, but it also isn’t the best marketing strategy. While you can and should record a lot of videos at one time, don’t post them all at the same time. Map out how often you’ll upload new videos and then schedule videos to publish on specific dates.

Film a Lot of Material

A lot of what you film will end up on the cutting room floor. For a two-minute video, you may end up filming 20 minutes worth of content. In the editing process, you’ll be surprised at how many ums and awkward pauses you make during the course of a video.

Build Your Audience Quickly Through a Giveaway

There’s nothing quicker and more effective at growing a community than giveaways. Incentivize viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel, email list, or both, by giving away a free gift, such as an ebook or consultation.

Share Your Video

Don’t just rely on others to share your YouTube videos. You should also share your videos within your current spheres of influence. Send out an email to your subscribers, post the video on social media, and add a link to the video’s YouTube URL within your email signature.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is a very effective tool at reaching new audiences, that is why it should be an essential component for your private practice marketing. Use these tips to create a channel and a video library that attracts and educates your audience. Before you go, check out these related resources:

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