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Managed Billing for Mental Health

Insurance billing is a headache, so let us be the cure! Get paid faster and reclaim your time with Managed Billing from TheraNest.

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Outsource Your Claims

You’ve got enough on your plate already without having to handle the most grueling part of your revenue cycle.

Maximize Reimbursements

With a team of mental health billing professionals who can dedicate all their time to the claims cycle, you’ll stop having to leave money on the table.

Reclaim Your Time

No more calling payers or having to train another biller. We want to give you your time back, so that you can focus on providing care!

Here’s How Our Mental Health Billing Service Helps:

Claim Validation

Through software and clearinghouse claim scrubbing, we’ll help ensure that your claims are free of simple errors. By reducing errors, your claims stand the greatest chance of approval and payment.

Claim Rejection and Denial Follow-Up

Claim rejections and denials happen. When they do, we are committed to figuring out what went wrong and correcting it so that you can get paid for your valuable time. Say goodbye to spending hours trying to track down rejected claims – let us handle it!

Claim Submission

You take care of your clients, we’ll take care of the rest. Record your appointments and complete your notes, and we’ll take it from there. Easy peasy!

Payment Posting and Reconciliation

We’ll keep track of your insurance billing remittances so that you don’t have to. When remittance advice comes back from the payers, we will post the payments to your client accounts for you. Accurate client ledgers, here we come!

A Dedicated Mental Health Billing Specialist

You can rest easy knowing that you have a dedicated billing specialist working with your account to ensure insurance billing success for your practice. You will have access to regular meetings with your specialist to stay up-to-date on your billing.

Life Before and After Managed Billing


●  Lack of Understanding – You are an expert in your field and you change lives every day in your work, but when it comes to insurance billing you feel a little lost.

●  Lack of Time – You find yourself spending nights and weekends trying to sort out your claim rejections and denials, and posting your payments.

●  Lack of Cash Flow – Your clients are coming through your door, but the money isn’t. You need to tighten up your billing cycle so that your practice can thrive.


● You have peace of mind because a team of professionals is taking care of your claims.

●  You’re able to get back to what’s really important: focusing on therapy and running your business.

●  You can go home at the end of the day without having to feel like there’s always something more you could be doing to optimize your claims.

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