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Find or Convert Mental Health ICD 10 Codes From DSM IV & 5

TheraNest’s ICD 10 Code Converter Tool quickly translates DSM IV and 5 diagnostic codes to their ICD 10 counterparts, saving you time when completing progress notes or filing a claim. Start by browsing our list of the most common ICD codes for mental health. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply enter the diagnosis code or keyword to start converting to ICD 10. If searching by code, be sure to specify whether you want to start your search in DSM 5, DSM IV or ICD 9. Please note that this list of codes is provided for personal reference only.

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DSM 5 Code ICD-10 Description

Most Commonly Searched ICD 10 Codes for Mental Health

If you’re not sure exactly which ICD 10 code you need, browse the list of codes that psychologists and other mental health professionals most commonly search for. For your convenience, we’ve separated each by category below:

ICD 10 Codes For Depression
DSM 5 CodeICD-10Description
309.0F43.21Adjustment Disorder, With depressed mood
ICD 10 Codes For Anxiety
DSM 5 CodeICD-10Description
300.02F41.1Generalized Anxiety Disorder
ICD 10 Codes For Adjustment Disorder
DSM 5 CodeICD-10Description
309.28F43.23Adjustment Disorder, With mixed anxiety and depressed mood
ICD 10 Codes For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
DSM 5 CodeICD-10Description
309.81F43.10Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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