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Engage Youth Clients With Our Free PDF Anger Management Worksheet

How Can Children Effectively Manage Their Anger?

There are 3 main ways children can be taught to manage their anger: expression, suppression, and calming. Find definitions and examples of each in the table below:

Expressing Anger Suppressing Anger Calming Anger
Communicating needs, most effectively by starting with sentences that immediately explain the cause of anger.
Accepting their angry emotions for what they are, then redirecting their energy by converting negative feelings into a new emotion that is more positive. Employing physical strategies to help decrease the physical effects of anger.
Example A child stating: “I’m angry because I feel left out of the group project.” A child recognizing that though their favorite toy might be broken, they are grateful to have many other toys to play with.
A child that takes deep breaths, goes on a walk to cool down, or counts to 20 before acting on angry emotions.

How Can You Get Children Involved In Their Anger Management?

There are a number of ways children can become involved in their own anger management. Making anger management fun by using worksheets or planning activities during sessions will help accommodate for a child’s smaller attention span. The more you can make working through anger exercises fun, the more receptive your young clients will be.

How To Use These Worksheets in TheraNest

If you’re looking for new ideas to help clients work on their anger management, visit our Anger Management Resource Center. Each worksheet, template and activity is free and downloadable to make both you and your client’s lives easier. Scan and save the completed worksheet to your computer then upload the file to the Client’s documents in TheraNest for safe keeping. Your clients can also send their therapist completed forms as an attachment via Secure Messaging in the Client Portal, where the therapist can then download the form and upload to the client’s file.

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Anger Management Resources

If you’re looking for new ideas for improving your clients’ anger management, check out these worksheets from our Anger Resource Center. Each resource is free, downloadable and encourages clients to get involved, and take control of their own mental health.

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