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Encourage Journaling With Printable Daily Mood Charts

What is a Mood Journal?

A mood journal logs the emotions that clients may feel over a specific time period. Mood journaling can help clients understand the connection between what they’re feeling and their environment, which is why it is often used with clients struggling with mood disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder and anger management.

Advantages of Using Mood Journals for Anger Management

Anger does not happen in a vacuum and often occurs alongside other emotions and feelings. By encouraging clients to track all emotions and not just their anger throughout the day, they are able to better understand how their overall mood connects to (and in some cases, triggers) anger. Over time, trends and patterns are likely to emerge, especially when used with our Identifying Triggers worksheet.

Happy Sad Angry Tired Excited Anxious Worried Other Notes (Events that occurred, physical symptoms, thoughts)
6AM - 8AM 2 8 7 Woke up, sat in traffic
8AM - 10AM 6 3 4 Got to work and received 50+ emails
10AM - 12PM 6 8 2 Had a meeting that didn't go well

Recording & Storing Mood Journals in TheraNest

TheraNest makes storing forms and worksheets easy. Scan and save the completed worksheet to your computer then upload the file to the Client’s documents in TheraNest for safe keeping. Your clients can also send their therapist completed forms as an attachment via Secure Messaging in the Client Portal. The therapist can then download the form and upload to the client’s file in TheraNest. If you don’t already have TheraNest and want to try it for free, sign-up today.

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Anger Management Resources

If you’re looking for new ideas for improving your clients’ anger management, check out these worksheets from our Anger Resource Center. Each resource is free, downloadable and encourages clients to get involved, and take control of their own mental health.

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