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Free Private Practice Email Templates to Help You Stay In Touch with Your Clients

Finding the right words is not always easy as it should be. Simple communication can become painstakingly difficult if you just cannot figure out which words to use. Often times it’s not even a matter of not knowing what to say, but rather the difficulty lies in figuring out how to say it. Our goal with the TheraNest Email Template library is to help you save time and effort by providing you ready made email templates for the most common communications private practices engage in.

With our email template library, the days of spending an hour (or more) trying to craft an email for your clients are gone. Now just download the email templates that fit your needs, insert your practice specific information in the designated spots and you are ready to send.

Dive into our email templates below to start communicating more effectively and saving time.


Raising Your Rates Email Template

Appointment Confirmation Email Template

Appointment Cancellation Email Template

Raising your rates can be hard--this email template makes it a little easier to remind your customers about the upcoming price increase.

No-shows are not only inconvenient, but they cost you money. Use this email template to confirm appointment bookings with your clients so you don’t end up with a no show or late cancellation.

This email template will come in handy when sending an email confirming a cancelled appointment--it also reminds clients about your late cancellation policy so there is no confusion when they come into the office next time.


Office Closed for Holiday Email Template

Update Information in Client Portal Email Template

Re-bring ID and Insurance to Office Email Template

Is your office closing for MLK day? What about for Thanksgiving? Vacation? It can be hard for your clients to keep up with how different holidays affect your business hours. Use this template to remind them when your office will be closed.

Having up to date information about your clients is necessary not only to properly bill insurance companies, but also to ensure that you you can reach your clients when you need to. Use this email template to remind your clients to go into the Client Portal and update their demographic and insurance information.

Addresses and insurance information change often. Many times, clients may not realize they need to update you when these changes happen--this template allows you to ask your clients to re-bring their ID and insurance cards so you can ensure you have the most current information on file.

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Keep in touch with your clients using the templates above. Simply copy and paste them into an email, change the necessary information, send it along and you’re done. With TheraNest, connecting with your clients is even easier. Copy and paste the email templates and send them to an individual client or all your clients instantly without ever leaving the TheraNest app with Secure Messaging in the Client Portal

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