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Use this exercise to help your clients identify their core beliefs, and then challenge them to help improve self-esteem. Challenging core beliefs can be hard, but this free worksheet helps outline an efficient process for doing so.

How Core Beliefs Affect Self-Esteem.

Core beliefs determine how clients interpret daily interactions. Our worksheets for identifying and challenging core beliefs contain an easy-to-use, printable resource that help your clients identify and challenge their beliefs that may be negatively impacting their life. With each entry, clients will be one step closer to conquering negative core beliefs, and increasing happiness and self-esteem.

How Are Core Beliefs Defined?

Core beliefs can be defined as the very essence of how people see themselves, others, the world, and the future. The way different people interpret interactions can be attributed to differences in core beliefs. We’ve provided an example of how core beliefs can both positively and negatively impact one’s interpretation of a social interaction.

Core Belief Interaction Reaction Analysis
I’m unintellectual. Alice, a friend from class, asks for help on a mathematics problem for which the client has experience solving. Internal Thought: “I’m afraid I don’t know how to solve the problem because I’m not intellectual.”
Reaction: Instructs Alice to receive guidance from someone else.
Even though the client had the intellectual capacity to assist Alice, the client did not believe so. Consequently, the client didn’t help Alice.
I’m intellectual. Alice, a friend from class, asks for help on a mathematics problem which the client has experience solving. Internal Thought: “I can solve this in my sleep. I’ve been doing these problems for years.”
Reaction: Helps Alice solve the problem.
The client knows that he or she has the intellectual capacity to help Alice. Consequently, the client helps Alice.

How Can Improving Core Beliefs Impact Self-Esteem?

Instruct clients to set aside five minutes during the day to reflect upon one negative core belief. Encourage clients to challenge the belief by reflecting on the aspects of his or her life which are contrary to that belief.

How To Use These Worksheets in TheraNest?

TheraNest makes storing forms and worksheets easy. Scan and save the completed worksheet to your computer then upload the file to the Client’s documents in TheraNest for safe keeping. Your clients can also send their therapist completed forms as an attachment via Secure Messaging in the Client Portal. The therapist can then download the form and upload to the client’s file in TheraNest.

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Self-Esteem Resources

If you’re looking for new ideas for improving your clients’ self worth, check out these worksheets from our Self-Esteem Resource Center. Each resource is free, downloadable and encourages clients to get involved, and take control of their own mental health.

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