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Getting your clients to open up during therapy can be challenging. Our sentence completion worksheet is designed to help them open up so you can get the conversation started

What Is Sentence Completion And How Is It Used?

When clients feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings, it becomes easier to explore and assess the internal issues that may be affecting self esteem. We’ve listed a couple of sentence completion prompts and potential answers to show how useful the technique can be for guiding sessions.

How Sentence Completion Exercises Help Clients Open Up

When clients struggle to open up, self-exploration through sentence completion can be a useful solution. Our Sentence Completion Worksheet is a printable resource that helps support client sessions by introducing discussion topics. Upon the completion of the worksheet, both you and your clients will have an abundant amount of information to discuss and build on.

Question Answer Purpose Statement
Right now, I’m happy that __________. Right now, I’m happy that my favorite hockey team won last night. It is important to defuse the tension between you and your client with a relatively harmless example.
I’d really enjoy __________. I’d really enjoy slapping my therapist in the face. Comedic relief is a powerful tool in defusing potential tension between you and your client. In addition, this example shows the client that you won't take offense to their responses.
I secretly enjoy __________. I secretly enjoy watching chick flicks. Again, this helps diffuse the client/doctor tension by admitting that you can be masculine and enjoy “chick flicks.”
Today I fear that __________. Today I fear that I’m going to miss out on a great beach day. It is important to note that not every response has to be hugely insightful. Your goal is for the client to answer with the first thing that comes to mind, and answers similar to the one provided might regularly occur.

How Can Sentence Completion Measure Self-Esteem?

Instruct clients to set aside five minutes 2-3 times a week to answer the Sentence Completion Worksheet. In addition, the worksheet may be used during therapy sessions to assist clients who struggle opening up. Encourage clients to answer without censorship for accurate self-exploration.

How To Use These Worksheets in TheraNest?

TheraNest makes storing forms and worksheets easy. Scan and save the completed worksheet to your computer then upload the file to the Client’s documents in TheraNest for safe keeping. Your clients can also send their therapist completed forms as an attachment via Secure Messaging in the Client Portal. The therapist can then download the form and upload to the client’s file in TheraNest.

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Self-Esteem Resources

If you’re looking for new ideas for improving your clients’ self worth, check out these worksheets from our Self-Esteem Resource Center. Each resource is free, downloadable and encourages clients to get involved, and take control of their own mental health.

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