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Free Treatment Plan Templates for Mental Health Professionals

Creating proper initial assessment documentation with an accurate, detailed treatment plan can be one of the most challenging aspects of taking on a new client. Treatment plans are crucial because they provide an overview of the history, current issues, objectives, and goals of each client’s mental health treatment, which can be a useful point of reference for both providers and clients. Our treatment plan template includes sections to input client symptoms, treatment criteria, goals and objectives, and diagnostic information. This template will save you time and keep you on track with your clients’ care by outlining everything you need in order to create a clear and concise treatment plan for each of your clients.

Download Treatment Plan & Progress Note Templates

A treatment plan serves as a detailed account of the symptoms, therapeutic methods, goals, and trajectory of each client's mental health treatment while being seen in your practice. These plans are valuable not only because they help you as a provider stay organized in your work with the client, but also because it allows the client insight into the goals and objectives they can expect to focus on while in your care. Using TheraNest's treatment plan template will ensure that you are recording all of the information you need to stay organized while providing high quality services to each of your mental health clients.

Another important reason for maintaining detailed and accurate treatment plans is so you can easily communicate treatment information about your client to other healthcare providers. Coordination of care requires quality documentation so that no information is lost in transit. By using this treatment plan template, you are ensuring that all the critical information about your client's mental health treatment is thoroughly listed in one organized document.

How To Use These Forms & Templates in TheraNest

Keep in touch with your clients using the templates above. Simply copy and paste them into an email, change the necessary information, send it along and you’re done. With TheraNest, connecting with your clients is even easier. Copy and paste the email templates and send them to an individual client or all your clients instantly without ever leaving the TheraNest app with Secure Messaging in the Client Portal

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