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Secure and easy-to-use in-app messaging for mental health providers and counselors in TheraNest.

Managing communication is an important part of running a mental health practice.

TheraNest’s secure messaging feature is a quick and easy communication tool - send secure messages to your colleagues or clients right within the app. Instead of relying on different channels of communication, TheraNest will be your staff and clients’ central platform for communication.

Screenshot of Billing in TheraNest

Chat instantly with your staff

Great for quickly getting in touch with your staff. Message individual staff members or start a group conversation. Easily share documents and files with your team members. Receive in-app alerts when you get a new message.

Colleague to Colleague Messaging

There’s countless ways to use TheraNest's secure messaging between you and your staff - notify staff members when clients arrive, remind colleagues to review notes to share suggestions, and easily organize and coordinate team meetings.


Clients can send secure messages

Instead of emailing or calling your practice, your clients can send secure messages using their Client Portal login. Clients receive alerts when they have unread messages via email. Improve collaboration and communication between staff and clients.

Therapist to Client Messaging Using the Client Portal

TheraNest’s messaging provides a secure environment for you to share client details, billing information, and communicate directly with clients. Share and receive files, request feedback on your services - communicate efficiently like never before.

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