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TheraNest Reviews for Practice Management Software​

TheraNest offers a beautifully designed practice management application that is supported by the best customer happiness team in the business. You can reach our support team via email, phone, or in-app message. TheraNest is here to help make running your practice easier.

Melissa W.

Owner, Therapist

Mental Health Care, 1-10 employees

“All-in-one platform that’s perfect for my small private practice!”

Overall: My business is very part-time on the side, and I didn’t have time or resources for some of the other options that are on the market. TheraNest gave me everything I needed to run my practice easily, efficiently, and professionally.

Pros: It’s simple to use and has everything you need to make your small private practice run. The customer support is AMAZING! I’ve never had a question or concern that wasn’t quickly resolved by their great team.

Cons: I would like to see the TeleHealth screen be bigger. This is a work in progress since this is a newly added feature.

Reasons for Choosing TheraNest: TheraNest is the one stop shop that does it all in a super user-friendly fashion. Simple, affordable – exactly what we needed!

Shea H.


Mental Health Care, Self-employed

“Easy to Use and Affordable-Great for LPC-A or Intern Level Therapists”

Overall: I only used my trial version for about half of the time before I went ahead and subscribed to the full version. This is by far the best EHR for my needs! I also can’t say enough good things about the customer service!

Pros: I tried several different software systems prior to finding Theranest. I needed a compliant EHR that would allow me to store my client notes and allow for my supervisor to review and co-sign with ease. I kept running into EHRs that would charge extra for my supervisor to be added as staff, or would force me to use unnecessary features before I could create my client’s progress notes. I also love that Theranest allows for some modifications to help fit my needs better during use. I also cannot say enough about the customer service. I have received nothing but quick responses, and personalized help when needed. I had the pleasure of working with Allen Chew to help answer my questions via phone and email, so ask for him if you can!

Cons: At first, there was a slight issue with being an admin and a therapist under the same sign-in. I was told I would need two different logins, but I figured it out where I was able to keep my same login. So far I have not come across any issues with doing it that way. Also, I do come across a lot of boxes/fields that I do not need in my notes or intake documentation that I wish I could delete. I can easily skip these unused boxes, so it’s not a big deal.

Reasons for Switching to TheraNest: Theranest was the easiest to use for my needs and the most affordable. The other programs were geared more towards owning a private practice, running a group practice, or the majority of sessions being Telehealth. With other programs I was having to use unnecessary features in order to even create a client case or add progress notes. I also had some programs try to charge for my supervisor to be added, even though she just needed to sign off on my notes.

Nick S.

Office Manager

Mental Health Care, 1-10 employees

“Great practice management software with excellent support team”

Overall: TheraNest’s telehealth video chat platform really saved my practice when we had to move our sessions online during the CoVID 19 pandemic. My counselors didn’t miss a beat switching to telehealth because TheraNest was already ready for us to make the switch. TheraNest already had the system ready for us. And it was super easy to use! All our clients had to do was click a link and follow two prompts. That’s it! Most everyone got it right away. To say that I’m happy with TheraNest is an understatement. It’s a great product at a very fair price.

Pros: TheraNest is really easy to use and takes care of everything my practice requires. TheraNest is truly a one-stop shop. I really like how TheraNest handles the credit card processing, scheduling, and reminders. And it’s reasonably priced. TheraNest also has an excellent support staff. I can’t underscore that enough. TheraNest has an excellent support staff. There are detailed, step-by-step instructions for everything in, on, and about TheraNest, but if I need to speak with an actual human all I have to do is start a live chat by hitting the icon at the bottom of the screen. TheraNest also listens to its customers. It’s constantly improving the website to make it more user friendly. It’s been impressive to see how TheraNest has grown and improved every month since my practice signed up with it over 6 years ago.

Cons: I don’t really have any complaints about TheraNest.

Reasons for Choosing TheraNest: TheraNest was more cost effective and had a simpler design. We used TheraSoft at our old practice and I’m glad we didn’t go with it at our new practice. The customer support team as well as the flexibility to make changes and improvements make TheraNest a superior product.